Nitch market and high profits

My response to the latest No On Prop19 people’s B.S.

?Joy says:  – ” it is irrelivent other than to say their decision stands, other than the handful of you mis-led blindly following 19 like sheep, Insisting on grumbling on, talking disrespectfully towards others and Insisting on “severing the traitor”. Do you Really think that is gong to help cannabis become free or liberated… drawing lines and declaring 4:20 people “enemies or traitors”? “

My response:

I don’t think it was just a “handful” of people that were pro19.

The fact is that most of the cannabis activists that have made the most progress in our community over the last 35 years were in favor of and working for passing Prop19.

And you see the dividing line comes from the fact that this initiative would have given much needed freedom to millions of folks, and would have inspired other states to legalize.
Not to mention it would have given a strong platform for hemp. Which is bigger than all MMJ business combined. Hemp is where it’s at. Prop215 does NOTHING for hemp.

So we needed some relief, and we didn’t get it because a bunch of sour pusses had a bunch of dumb ass reasons for spreading lies about Prop19.

For example. You people keep complaining that Prop19 was designed for big business. As if big business isn’t ALREADY in the cannabis industry. Look at Oakland, they are issuing large scale grow permits and were doing so BEFORE Prop19 via a unanimous vote of the city council. Municipalities CAN and obviously WILL do that. Prop215 does not protect anyone against taxes OR capitalism.
If you think Prop215 defends you against capitalism, we shall soon see. Watch the news from Oakland.
And the no-on-prop19 people are not like my enemies. I mean not any more than any other anti-legalization person.
Everyone has their reasons. Mostly people had fear that they would lose their lifestyle as they new it. Nitch market, lots of profit.
Once growers started seeing the easy cheese leaving the bank, they decided to go no on prop19. I even interviewed people in Humboldt about it this year.
The problem for me, is they werent looking at the big picture.

The recreational market, and the tourism would have increased demand. And when demand is increased, prices do not go down!


Should be Legalize parody of Emimen

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