NORML Live August 18th 2011 – Sensible Washington and NAW

This was a good chat right before Hempfest.  Russ Belville interviews Doug Hiatt and Alison Holcomb.

I loved the interview, and the points that everyone made,especially Doug.

The only thing I hoped for more of, or ANY of, is something about I-505, at least recognizing it’s existance.

Sensible Washington’s Doug Hiatt did great in the interview, said a lot of things that I am on board with, and I am supporting them for 2012.   But right now I-505 is in circulation, and is better law than it’s competitor NAW.
I say “competitor” because while these two initiatives address the same substance, they are completely different in format and in terms of liberty vs. more prohibition.

You can see past posts on these topics here on xCannabis.  But I just wish that rather than Doug Hiatt now, AFTER Sensible Washington’s initiative is not in circulation, and is hence passed.  It would just make more sense to interview Don Skakie, who is running a current initiative for removing penalties from adult marijuana crimes, much like Sensible Washington.

Good job to all of those activists out there fighting for freedom!

Past conversations and comments about NAW:

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