Not giving someone a fair shake?

In regards to my interview with William West of “The Weedly News” on July 7th 2011:

I sent an email out to 3 people that are related to the Cannabis Medical community in San Diego.
I have been accused of not giving everyone who was spoken about a fair shake, so I have offered to do one more radio show on this topic, despite that I simply do not have a lot of time for radio.
Adela Falk feels that she was not treated right during my interview with William West a few months back.
So in order to be fair, I wanted to give Adela and anyone else mentioned either directly or indirectly an opportunity to respond. This blog is open to public comments as well, so if we can’t make the radio show happen for whatever reason, feel free to respond to my blog post here:

This is the email that I sent out tonight:

So Adela Falk who I have included in this message, said that I misreported the fact, and implicated her incorrectly in the ASA monopoly in San Diego. Adela feels as though I was unfair, and that I “opened up a can of worms” in my interview with William West a few months back.

Adela would like to be able to properly respond and I offered to interview Adela, William and Donna on the same show some day soon.

My contention with this, is that William and I didn’t mention Adela that I can recall, and in regards to the ASA backed cannabusiness’s, I don’t believe William, Donna or myself opened up this can of worms by reporting on information that mainstream media, and independent media has been reporting on for years.

I showed Adela these news paper reports:

Which essentially covered the same information that William and I covered on my radio show, and these news paper reports came out years ago.

I for one do not think that reporting on public information, is “opening a can of worms”. But I do believe in giving people a fair shake.

So if Adela wants to invite Eugene, Don, or whatever, and if Donna and William would kindly join the conversation, I say that we should hash it all out and get this dialog going so that we can start finding some way of healing his broken community.

I am neither friends with Eugene or Don on facebook. I don’t know if I can get through to them.

But if everyone is on board with this, then please reply and give me your best times and dates for doing this interview.

Wednesday November 16th 2011 at 3pm PST works best for me.
I will only have one hour to dedicate to the conversation.

BTW- Thanks to everyone for standing up for their freedom!

P.S. Adela, on my radio show, ANYONE has the opportunity to call in. We have a toll free number and we announce it on every show. So trust me, I didn’t and I don’t exclude anyone. I announced on several public forums that some of the people in question regularly frequent, and I will do the same for the next interview if we can put it together.

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