Nothin but love

In the past year or so that I have been getting closer and more friendly with different legalization groups and activists there have been some disagreements that have taken place.  On more than one occassion there have been raised voices or CAPS on facebook, when speaking with other activists.

At the end of nearly every conversation, we come out baked and happy friends.  There are very rare occassions that I have had a disagreement last longer than a few hours.  But when I have, it has generally been over money or possessions.

Our family tries to live very meekly.  We don’t splurge, and we don’t have a lot of possessions.  We like life that way.  Ive noticed however, when I was very concerned about getting ahead and being successful I felt more isolated and less satisfied.   But when life is more about life and less about possessions it seems like conflicts, and stress go away.

I can use that advice as much as the next human.

But just to clear the air.  We appreciate our friends and family in the movement.  We have so much respect for the folks out there fighting for freedom and liberty.  There are many who feel almost the exact same way about legalization that we love, and there are some who feel very differently who we also love.

Its ok to disagree.

Also, people have told me that I am a little “spamy”.  That may be, and I apologize if it seems like that to you.  I try to pay for my advertising.  We donate to different causes, and we also link back to other websites that we link on.   Cannabis Culture, NORML, MPP and several others get completely free advertising at xCannabis in many different formats.  Some have free banner ads, some have free links, and some get mentioned in the blogs.   My favortires get all three.   Sometimes we do vlogs (video blogs) and mention our friends as well.

We try to give more than we take is what Im trying to say.   If you feel like I am taking more than I am giving, or some how harming something or someone else please bring it to my attention.  Im a little rough around the edges, but I love to resolve conflicts.  Which is probably why I have been employed in one way or another with customer service jobs.   I do like to find resolutions, and I love to see positive progress made.  So trust me, we can work it out.   Email me at   ‘revryan @’

Another announcement that I have been trying to make on the Stash but my links get blocked.  Is Utah Hempfest (3rd Anual). 
TODAY!   September 29th, 10am – 7pm.

University of Utah – Student Union

200 S. Central Campus Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT

Follow this link to learn more at their facebook page:

One more shout out.  MHP in Spokane on Freya!   Great work! Wonderful meds!  Kindred spirits!


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