NORML’s AbNORMAL endorsements for 2012

There has been plenty of controversy lately with NORML’s recent endorsement of I-502. But lets look at their endorsement for president this year.
It seems that NORML had been endorsing fairly senseless causes all along.  I am not sure what they are thinking, Rosanne Barr for president?   This is like hiring the ShamWow guy as their executive director?   It seems like NORML isn’t looking for anyone to take them seriously about their endorsements.  Just a big media stunt, that apparently didn’t get very much news, because I only just heard about it a month after their endorsement.

High Times reported this on February 9th 2012.

Don’t believe me?   Here is the article from High Times Magazine:

“Roseanne Barr once ruled the TV airwaves. In the 1989-1990 season her eponymous sitcom Roseanne, which served as an ode to lower-class living, was number one in the national Nielsen ratings, and now over two decades later, she seeks to obtain the highest political office in the land as she’s running for President of the United States. One of Barr’s primary platforms is to legalize marijuana and for that she garnered an endorsement from NORML this week.”

by Mark Miller

Thu, Feb 09, 2012 3:43 pm

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The comments on this article are the best part about it!  LOL

Aside from wanting to legalize marijuana, she also wants to end the Federal Reserve.  Can’t blame her there.
Thats probably the most sense that she has made in her entire career!

I have received a response from NORML Stash.  CannabisKarri from NORML Live posted on my youtube video:

“NORML has NOT endorsed Roseanne Barr for President. When asked about it, our Executive Director said “We SUPPORT any candidate that runs on a pro-legalization platform”, which they do and that includes Ron Paul. No endorsement there either. “

My reply is:

Karri  I got your comment on my video about NORML endorsing Roseanne Barr. It seems that High Times, as well as Rosanne’s campaign website have it wrong. This story is all over the place. Keith Stroup probably ought to denounce the claims if it isn’t true. Endorsing Rosanne doesn’t seem like an image many activists wouldn’t want to associate themselves with. Especially after reading the High Times article.

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