Opinions of Full Legalization vs. Decriminalization

I have been speaking with many people from states where cannabis has been decriminalized.

The opinions vary greatly.  There seems to be a fierce stance to keep cannabis medical only.

There is also an overwhelming stance that people believe that cannabis needs to become fully legalized.

I have posted my opinion on this over the years, the pros and the cons.  The dangers of stagnation or apathy is one of my biggest concerns, because it appears that big pharma is trying to get behind cannabis with over 150 patents.  That worries me.

Some people think maybe I have some kind of a  stake in legalized cannabis.  I do.  FREEDOM!

But I presently do not sell cannabis, and I have not sold cannabis for 15 years.

I have been known to help patients get access to good genetics via giving seeds away with no reimbursement (cash or otherwise), but I have the means and the knowledge to open a dispensary and I have chosen not to, as I believe I need to keep the conflicts of interest to a minimum while working on freedom initiatives.

I seem to get the most resistance as well as baseless accusations from those already in the market in some fashion.
I don’t think they are resisting me personally, but the idea in general, as I haven’t met 90% of this opposition in person.

Here are some videos from YouTube on the subject, and at the end I am posting some link to articles relating to this.

Legalization vs. Decriminalization: A debate on the increasing violence in Mexico

Legalization vs Decriminalization of marijuana? @ Yahoo

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