Our illegal birth! Welcome baby Jennie!

I wanted to take this moment to welcome my 2nd child into the world.


And BTW, this birth was assisted not by a corporate medical complex, but by a wonderful midwife (a practice which in about 1/2 of the US, is illegal).  This midwife makes house calls.  Checks up on us with concern and support regularly.
Our second baby was a complicated pregnancy, in that she was VBAC.  Most hospitals do not know what to do with this, so they (meaning most for-profit hospitals) will immediately insist on c-section.
We started in at University of Washington, and ended up going to a midwife at the last minute.  We are so glad we did.

Baby Jennie was almost 9lbs!  No drugs (not even asprin).  No problems!  My wife Kimi is amazing!  xCanna Baby

I am AMAZED that midwifery is illegal in so many places!   This profession is thousands and thousands of years old, and via most statistics that I’ve read are safer than going directly to a hospital.
Now there are rare instances where a mother has to be taken to the hospital for emergency c-section.  But a good midwife knows the signs, and monitors the baby and the momma often, and get the mom to the hospital with plenty of time.  Some women die.  Some babies die.  But no more than die at a hospital situation.


These gals just passed a midwifery bill in Idaho!!!  Congrats!!

Ref:  http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/03/house_passes_idaho_midwife_lic.html

“The midwives, however, feared G?d; so they did not do as the king of Egypt had spoken to them, but they enabled the boys to live.” (Exodus 1:17)

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