Our plans for legalization

We are involved in many different cannabis related businesses, from dispensary software with Emerald POS, to cannabis themed t-shirts, pipe bags, skateboards and custom patchwork clothing from Emerald Sun Design .  We also blog here at xCannabis.com, and we use   www.SLU2.com to spread the word by offering a free short link maker software.

But what we have always desired to do is open up a cafe.  We have owned  two domain names that are names of cafe’s that we have tossed around, and we have settled on which on of the two we will be using.

Come December 2010 when ganja is legalized in Washington we will have a vapor lounge, with edibles, etc.

This is something fairly new to the USA.  But very common in Europe.

See this video of a cannabis tour in Amsterdam.

Holland coffee shops are revolutionary and a great tourist attraction. I hope Washington starts seeing the huge benefits that cannabis will bring to our state. Taxes, jobs, tourism, and especially freedom!

We aren’t revealing our name, or our opening date as of yet.  But we will be opening soon with baked goods and smoothies.  Soon we will expand to coffee and in December we will have vaporizers.

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