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I had a person that I’ve never met ask me on facebook today to give some friends of hers advice on medical marijuana in this area.

I thought at first it would be a good idea to call them and tell them where to go for legal advice and medical advice.   But I got thinking that many patients could use this information.  So I wanted to post it here at xCannabis.  I will probably tell my new friend on Facebook where this post is so that she can read it to her friends.  I hate talking on the phone quite honestly.

So this was my experience when I first got to Spokane last June with my young family.  After having not lived here for 10 years, I didn’t have any connections to get marijuana.   But I had been evaluated by a doctor with an allowable condition.   I have horrible “cluster headaches”  caused by a vesicular deformation.   It a small area, just 3mm that constricts a bit too much, and when I have high blood pressure I get these horrible headaches that can make me lose my sight and hearing temporarily.

I hate describing my weakness, being a macho kind a guy and all.  LOL   But seriously, these headaches are the worst pain I’ve ever experienced, and out of all of the prescription drugs that I’ve tried, cannabis has been the most effective relief with the fewest side effects.

At times when I was curled up on the ground or on the floor, silent and in tremendous pain, often with my lovely wife by my side rubbing my back, I wished so bad that I had marijuana to relieve my headaches.  Because when I was a teen, I used it for the same thing much of the time.

Please read the rest of this knowing that I can not give you legal advice, and I am not a medical doctor.  This is just my own experience.   Please consult a professional if you need legal advice or medical advice.  And “if this is a medical emergency, please dial 911“.

So here is how it was for me, I was having one of these extremely painful headaches and my wife thought it would be good if I ate.  Sometimes food alone helps.  This time it didn’t.  But I grabbed a NickleNik paper after the headache went away a little and the first thing I saw was two ads next to each other on the front page.  One for CBR Medical and one for the Change Marijuana dispensary. 
There were more references to marijuana on the front page of this local paper than anything I have saw on the front cover of High Times.    Not to mention at least 5 other ads for seeds, clones, and other marijuana related services inside the magazine.

I called up CBR Medical, and I traveled down there because they specialize in this type of medical advice.

Ref from their website:

CBR Medical, Inc. & CannaBiogen Research, Inc. 3115 E. Mission Ave, Spokane, WA 99202


They required chart notes from the last 3 years.  I had plenty.  The following day I gave them chart notes from my last 3 doctors over about 3 years regarding my condition.   That same day I met with Dr. Said, and we spoke about my condition for about 25 minutes or so.  He did an analysis which he recorded, and then he gave me my signed paper work for putting in my grow room, or having on my person.  And he informed me of the potential risks and benefits of the substance.  I believe I got 3 copies of my authorization, and my card from their office which had my name, and the doctor’s contact information.    They were all very friendly at CBR.

Following that, I took my authorizations down to a local co-op and I had my medicine.  All that easy.  But it took me a little more than a month to figure that out.  Had I only picked up the paper that I passed by every day at the gas station, I would have known.

I hope that this is useful for patients, this comes from the WA state government’s website:

Chapter 69.51A RCW

And information about qualifying conditions.

Now I am somewhat of a patient advocate and certainly someone who believes in the fundamental principles of our constitution in the US, which consist of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.   But as of right now, I just blog about my thoughts, and donate software and technical advice where I can.  I don’t sell any weed, medical or otherwise.  At least at this point.  I may some day help open up a coop, please pray for us that we can do that.  😆

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