Penn Jillette lays down a wonderful case for libertarianism

I fully agree with Penn in all that he said in this video.   I know I disagree with Penn Jillette on many topics, but politically he and I are in a very close alignment.   Faith, God, theism is something that he and I have a minor divide, though a lot of what he says about the Bible is both clever and funny, I think it is incorrect and not closely analyzed by the statements that he sometimes makes.

However what he says about “People think that if you are libertarian that you just want what happened in the Bush years to continue…  …  every libertarian I know HATED the Bush administration”..  He goes on to explain how there were a lot of misconceptions that the Bush administration was libertarian, which is not true.   But in some ways, Bush was far more liberty conscious than Obama, seeing that Obama has 60 times more federal indictments under his belt in just 4 years, than Bush had in all 8 of his.  SIXTY TIMES is significant coming from the presidential candidate that was campaigning on a pro-pot platform.

But what we have in this country is croney-capitalism + socialism, and the libertarian representation in this country is faltering.  Our country is less free market, and less libertarian than 18 other countries in the world in regard to economic freedom.   When our country was strong, and we had less poor people and less deficit we were much much more libertarian.   When our country started falling to pieces we had been going down the road to socialism for about 80 years.   Now we are seeing the harvest from all of this socialism, and it isn’t looking pretty IMHO.

Anyway, here is Penn Jillet with “Penn Jillette: Reconciling Atheism with Libertarianism ”

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