People’s initiatives vs. Congressional Bills

For a very long time I have been in favor of supporting strictly people’s initiatives.
I learned after supporting congressional bills in the past just how they change by the final vote, and how that usually ends up being a disadvantage for the supporters of these bills.
It seems like we go into these bills with the most favorable (to the people) language and by the end the only people benefiting is the congressional members and their corporate supporters.

Since around the year 1999/2000 I have been supporting Ralph Nader and what he stands for.  Since about 2003 my wife has been urging me to support Senator Mike Gravel as she believes in what he stands for and she also turned me on to the National Initiative for Democracy that Mike is the sponsor of and is now something that Ralph Nader also supports.
This is a way to give the people back a voice.  For the people to assert their own desires and put it to a popular vote.
Of course the original 3 tiers of government stays the same, but the NI4D simply gives the people a way to effectively assert their will via a popular vote, the supreme court still judges the constitutionality, and the congress still does what they currently do.
However say if the people do not like the Patriot Act we could vote to repeal it via the initiative process just like the states have.

You can listen to a discussion that I had about this with Matti at Liberty Talk Radio on December 3rd 2010.

But the issues that I am currently having with NORML is really the difference between Congressional Bills that seem to intend to take freedoms away from patients and from cannabis industry, vs.  Sensible Washington’s initiative which seeks to remove criminal penalties for adults.   In the end this is a debate that I have had before with other people on other topics.
What is blatantly clear is that the only good marijuana laws in the USA have come from ballot initiatives and not congressional bills.

In my video presentation for March 9th I talk about the issues that I see in history and in current day politics from trusting the government to fix things for us.  When we become complacent or out of fear, silent..   We see our rights deteriorate.
We look at how the government infiltrated the Marcus Garvey (UNIA) movement in the 30s as they sought to silence the resistance they hired people in the public sector to illegally (in my opinion) sabotage the UNIA via friendships that they developed with Marcus Garvey.

My point is that having only one or two influential political groups competing for their voice to be heard, it is a lot less fault tolerant than if there are many groups, making it more difficult for the government to employ ‘agent provocateur‘.

Similar to my support for the national initiative for democracy.  My theory is that it is more difficult for a corporation or lobby group to influence or buy the vote of the people, than it is to buy or influence the vote of only 435 congressional representatives.
It happens all of the time in politics  “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”.  But with ballot initiatives that kind of thing is much more difficult, because instead of having to influence only 435 people in congress, businesses or lobbyist would have to influence hundreds of thousands if not millions of more people to sway the vote.

In my estimation THE MORE THE MERRIER!

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