Personal opinions vs. Group opinions (What we all believe)

I don’t like when other groups or people represent what “we all believe”. Recently in a conversation on facebook someone told me “We all agree regulation (of cannabis) is needed”.

I don’t agree. Thus is why was born to begin with. While I agree with the opinions of some people, I do not agree with all of their opinions.

This is the same thing that goes with groups that set out to represent “what we all think or want”.

NORML represents some of the things that I believe in, but not all of it. The CDC represents some of what I believe, but very little. I disagree with the ASA on most things, yet they are a group trying to represent the wishes of the medical cannabis patient community.

In all of my years of blogging, doing radio, or media in general I have always stated what I believe, and I have always stated that I ONLY represent myself and no one else.

I represent myself, because I don’t feel like most of these lobbyist groups, and certainly most of the politicians do NOT represent what I believe or what I want.

A few people have said I am a “propagandist” or “self promotionalist”. I represent what I believe as much as possible so that others are not representing me in the wrong ways. I don’t want the politicians or other lobby groups to think that their opinion represents me, because often that is not the case.

I give more to promoting my ideas than I receive, because there is some serious misrepresentation out there.

I do NOT believe we need more regulation as this particular advocated stated. I know 100’s of people personally who feel that we do not need more regulation, but LESS. So how is it that he can say “we all agree”.

Which is why MANY media sources, and MANY people need to voice their opinions so that we KNOW what we all agree on, and what we need to work on.

Having just a few opinions available is not helping anything.

So I will continue to blog/vlog/broadcast etc.. Like it or not.

Rev. Ryan

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