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I am a Utah native, I was born there, I went to school there, I opened up my first storefront on Main St. in Springville, and much of my family still lives in Springville Utah.

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I visit Utah often, and as a medical marijuana patient who truly needs cannabis to fend off pain, blindness and hearing problems from a vesicular issue that I have in my brain, going to Utah is difficult.   Marijuana has been the most effective medicine that I have used in 17 years after first getting diagnosed with migraines when I was 12.  I have been prescribed Imitrex, Midrine, and even steroids for my headaches but they do not work fast enough, or as effectively as marijuana does.  When I take a puff from marijuana my headaches and other symptoms are relieved in less than a minute, with the other medications it takes between 10 and 20 minutes to do any good and still there are very nasty side effects that go with the prescriptions, such as bloody noses, nausea, and dryness.   Marijuana has the least of undesirable side-effects IMHO. 
In 2008 I had some CT scans and MRI’s done, and it the problem was found in at least one vessel that was constricted abnormally for 3mm.
They say that is where the cluster headaches come from.  
Marijuana works for me the same way that it works for glaucoma patients, it has anti-inflammatory  properties, pain relief properties, and de-stressing effects all with mild side effects, and no threat of overdosing accidentally since marijuana has never been known to ever kill anyone.
I was prescribed marijuana by a credible MD/PHD legally in WA.

My concern with Utah legalizing marijuana, is because I don’t want to be a criminal if I have to consume my medicine in Utah.  I don’t want to get arrested for treating myself (and not harming anyone else).  So I want Utah to catch up with surrounding states, like New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, etc…   Medical marijuana is all around Utah, and right now Rep. Tom Trails of Idaho is proposing law reform there.

Marijuana like alcohol is better regulated, instead of prohibited.  In a system of prohibition there is no regulation.  There is no quality checks.  There is no ID checks.  There is no taxes.   Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, because prohibition was responsible for high prices and high demand, and it created a black market as well as gangs to operate it. 
The people who want marijuana illegal the most are drug dealers, police, and private prison owners.   They all profit greatly from prohibition, especially the illegal activity and gang members.

I am just asking for ending prohibition, restoring liberty, and to allow responsible adults to make a safer choice than alcohol!

See Professor John Morgan’s response on this issue.

Also see this Congressional hearing with the FBI director.

Here is a Mormon on the topic of marijuana.

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