Please help us legalize in Idaho

I’m trying to start an Idaho NORML chapter.

I am currently working on   (and there will be other pages for other states as well)

The goal is to educate and lobby for cannabis  legalization (including industrial hemp, medical, and adult recreational)

Four of our neighboring states have medical marijuana laws, Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Nevada..  Idaho is truly the next logical candidate for a legalization campaign!

Legalize Cannabis!
Legalize Cannabis!

Hailey ID, passed several decriminalization measures but had most of them repealed in court based on reefer madness (of course).
But progress has been made by several concerned citizens here in Idaho, and it’s now time to take it to the next level!

Here is more information about laws and future legalization efforts in Idaho:

Please write your representatives!

We will be delivering this petition to the Idaho government offices including the governor, all senators and house reps.

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