PLEDGE: Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Week

It is a known fact that cannabis cures cancer.  This is why we are introducing Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Week.  The last week in December is Cannabis Cures Cancer Awareness Week.

Please see this for more information.

You can help by spreading the news about this.

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Our fundraiser via is for the Democracy Foundation.

After January 1st 2013, our beneficiary will be the Libertarian Party.

We want to send out a special prayer also to Cash Hyde’s family;

Cash Hyde lived half of his life with a feeding tube surgically attached to his stomach. And about half of his life was spent in hospitals — including a 49-day coma — after a diagnosis with brain cancer. It was that cancer which claimed his life Wednesday night; he had beaten it twice, but after two full remissions, its third appearance was too much. He died in his father’s arms at the family home in Missoula, Mont.”

You can learn more at:?

We wish you safety and health in the years to come.

Happy Holidays!

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