Politics + religion + apathy = The 2008 US Presidential elections


It never ceases to amaze me how people vote in this country.  How people don’t care about anything but supporting what they are expected to vote, without question.

I get a glimpse into this when I hear people say “I don’t care about Ralph Nader‘s politics”..

Does anyone know anything about Ralph Nader?  That he has between 6-8% support in some states, without even being able to debate in the primary debates (or any other major debate for that matter).

If Ralph Nader was allowed to debate, his small nitch of support and his straight forward approach to changing politics, and proposing laws as a consumer advocate would shine in front of 10’s of millions of people, and Ralph would start getting the attention that the other candidates are getting, and hey he might even be allowed to have a voice as a main stream political candidate like he is.

Ralph Nader is one of the few that have been on the cover of people magazine.  Ralph Nader is known globally as a consumer advocate and as a advocate for the little guy.  Ralph Nader’s education and credentials and especially his experience..  All make him someone worth listening too.
Even if you don’t intend on voting for him no matter what..  Doesn’t it seem rational to at least have a second, or in this case a third opinion about issues that are so serious?!

If I was a person with a terminal sickness of some sort.  I think that I would be trying to get a second and a third opinion of what my options are..

This is the same thing with our current election, our freedoms, and our future.  This is no small factor in our lives now and to come, and the lives of our children, and our children’s children.
To me this deserves way more than a second opinion.  There needs to be some serious thought put in to the future of our country.

With our current financial crisis in the US.  Doesn’t it seem smart to get a voice into our lives that comes from a consumer advocate point of view.  Someone who has spent their whole life, wrote many books, took on many fat-cat corporations, changed laws, changes policies all to protect the little guy that can’t fight for him or herself so well as someone who has the credentials of a Princeton and Harvard graduate with a stack of well fought and well won cases.

Check this guy out!  And remember, this isn’t just my freedom, and my way of life that I want to preserve.
I also have children of my own, who may have children, and so on.

Read a little about Ralph Nader


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