Pothead Parenting Episode 1


This is Ryan from xCannabis.com and this is a new column on our blog that I will be doing regularly.

My goal is to make a video and a blog post once a week. But with my busy schedule they may be more like once a month in some cases.

This first episode is just an introduction to the new column, and I give an overview on what I believe about ‘pothead parenting‘.


First of all. I am a fairly successful person. My wife and I run three semi-active Information Technology businesses. I also work full time as a system admin, and I run 3 political activism websites. I have two lovely children, and I believe that they are very well taken care of.

My children get stories every night, they do well in education, and are potty trained before 1 year old. (I have proof, don’t worry. Pictures and videos galore)

My main concern with doing this column is to educate parents on why NOT to make your kids ignorant to the true effects of a variety of substances. This will give them better discernment later in life, and it will develop a trusting relationship between you and your children. If you lie to your kids, or attempt to conceal information from them, they will not trust you. Kids are not dumb so don’t treat them as if they are.

There are a number of facts that I cite in my video and I want to give links to them now as I wrap this up:

Alcohol related automobile fatalities in the USA

Information about marijuana related auto fatalities

Video showing a drunk man buying alcohol at 10:45 in the morning

Video Showing a stoned man using cannabis while driving (before getting stoned and after)

You decide which is more harmful. Cannabis, or alcohol…

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