Preaching about cannabis in the Bible on Sunday

This is a sermon that I preached on Main Street in Springville Utah on Sunday June 13th 2010.

Again, peacefully exercising my freedom of speech and my freedom of religion.

Now this was a sermon, and it was Sunday, and I was within my rights 100%.  If they try to use this against me, shame on them!

I spoke to the Chief of Police in the interview room of the police station on Monday to file a complaint about one particular officer that abused me and broke my camera.  And his response was “why did you hang up on me when I spoke to you Friday”.  I was like “riiiggght, you mean after I said goodbye right?”.  But he is trying to twist our conversation from when I called him to inform him that I would be protesting, and he is trying to make it seem like I was rude to him.   Such a joke!  I called them to politely let them know I would be protesting, and on my original voicemail message to him, I asked him about the requirements for using my megaphone..   He called me back and said I needed a permit for using the audio.

But, there was a parade permit obtained for the day that I was protesting.  I was at the parade site.  The police, and medical workers were already in place.  I do in fact have a right to assemble.   They are just pissed about me having that right!  Haha!
I wanted for my wife and kids to go into the interview room with me and the chief, but he would not allow everyone to be in there with him.
I wanted witnesses to the conversation, because this guy has been twisting every conversation I’ve had with him and others.
I have posted a few wanted ads to get film that people took.  I specifically saw 4 people with their camera phone focused on this event.
So I hope I can get those videos before the court dates.  Please spread the word if you were at the parade.

I WILL PAY $50 for someone who has video of the whole event. I will pay $25 for video of part of the event.    You can send this over anonymously, but I won’t have any way to pay you.  If you want to send it anonymously, then use this email service. it will keep your identity safe.   Or if you want to sell me your video, I will gladly buy it.  You can call me at  888-694-8737  (xt 707)  and I will pay you via paypal, or with a business check.  My email is info @ xcannabis. com

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