Privacy issues and a Tech Info Update on the TOR

After reading a few articles on this subject, after watching the big trial for Ross Ulbricht and the Tor network site “Silk Road”, I have started to research the layers of the onion, to try to reverse engineer how these vulnerabilities exist.
I don’t care if it’s black market cancer medicine, or a journalist who is sourcing anonymous tips, or whatever.  This TOR service is essential to freedom and the preservation of our liberty and it would be terribly sad to not identify the risks and the weaknesses of using this utility as to preserve it’s mission and purpose.

Also because there are vulnerabilities and privacy issues, it is worth a look at the TOR alternatives.  TOR (the onion routing network) is the most famous, but there are a lot of good alternatives.   With the right configuration, and potentially using multiple services combined, it could be possible to remain fairly anonymous.

The NSA and their activities have been ruled in a federal court as unconstitutional.  Ref:

But that does not mean that they have stopped gathering information.

So keep a wary eye on your data, and your privacy.   There are black hat hackers that are not necessarily “ethical hackers” and they are just as capable in some things as the NSA.   Check your security, check your privacy options, and stay stafe!

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P.S.  Im going to put this plug in, for free (Hey John McAfee, you can send royalties to 1DwPVVt6UZp8HrLtdrwBihf4qxQPVRxz73 )  JK

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