Prohibition vs. the survival of your average teenager?

This is a very real and very serious epidemic, and Utah seems to be leading the nation with these problems of teen suicide and excess prescription drug abuse.

It is my opinion that the police in Springville Utah are pushing kids too far, and are abusing people in their city unfairly.  We find that Utah has of the highest suicide rates for teens in the entire country.  We see taht Utah doubles the national average for prescription abuse and is in the #1 spot for prescription abuse.
Its because Utahans are sad.  It is a depressing place when you can’t enjoy a joint without the possibility of attracting the police which have the motivation to ruin your entire life.   After all, the more drug arrests the police make, the more federal funding they get for their PD.

“Deadly taboo: Youth suicide an epidemic that many in Utah prefer to ignore”

“Depression in Utah”

“Utah #1 in the nation for prescription abuse”

“Teen Suicide Utah”

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More references that are not directly related.  But similar information.

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