Prop 8 repealed – Mormons wasted a lot of money!

It’s too bad the LDS church doesn’t spend more time and money helping out the poor, and the hungry as opposed to spending 10s of millions of dollars to take freedom away from others.  Approximately 77% (22 Million dollars) of funding for Prop 8 came from LDS sources, and that equaled millions and millions of dollars that could have been spent better and more compassionately.  Now Prop 8 was repealed and the LDS church is exposed as fighting AGAINST freedom..   What was the benefits of funding Prop 8?

Historically, Mormons have strong reasons to stand on the side of freedom as opposed to anti-freedom.  So why is the LDS Apostle Dallin Oaks and other ranking LDS leaders so incredibly in favor of anti-freedom propositions like Prop 8?

In the late 1800’s the LDS church and the settlers of Utah almost lost Utah’s statehood.  They had to changed one of their oldest and most sacred doctrines because of the laws passed against their marriage practices.  If the LDS church wouldn’t have repealed polygamy as one of their religious doctrines  (Doctrine and Covenants Section 132), then Utah would have continued to be considered in a state of rebellion and they would have lost their statehood, their property and a lot of realty assets including their sacred temple.

Making polygamy against the law, is just as bad as making gay marriage against the law.   This is what sums it up for me.  “No victim, no crime”, and a contract between two or more consenting adults should be no one elses business except for those people.

Between the unique and bizzare liquor laws in Utah, and the tenacity of the LDS church to promote and encourage support for Proposition 8, its hard to see how this group supports or values freedom and liberty (except for themselves)..  Sad state of affairs here.

On a brighter note, my cousin Becki who is gay, took care of me with her partner when I was a troubled and homeless teen.  The time and care that she gave me in my life will always stick out much more than the cruelty and persecution by the LDS church.   I love her and support her choice and if she chooses to get married, I will be there for that in loving support.  Unfortunately thats not legal in Utah.

Congrats my gay friends and family!

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