Proposition 19 to the Stoners Against Legalization

This is a long conversation about Prop 19.
I want to make sure we are all accountable here in one year, to the claims and efforts we made one way or another.

So many in this conversation are anti-Prop-19. The problem with their hysterical argument is that what they are saying is NOT true.
How will I prove it? Well besides the actual wording in the initiative itself, I will rely on time to be the ultimate judge.

I have said it before, and I continue to say it now. Prop 19 and Prop 215 are complete separate issues.
Prop 19 does not govern medical marijuana, it only governs recreational marijuana.

PDF of the conversation – Richard Brumfield anti Prop19

This is my comment from a different conversation on facebook today, which involved many of the same people:

“I wonder what these anti-Prop-19 people would think if others were actively campaigning to make medical marijuana illegal.

Im sure they would react very quickly to defeat the proposal, and from what I have saw from a lot of these folks is …they use lies and irrational behavior to prove their points.

What if some shit head wanted to revert back to slavery?
Cuz that’s what prohibition is!

I have the right to speak my mind. Richard you and Dragonfly and your lot all have the right to speak your minds.

But don’t complain when other people speak.

No one is trying to take YOUR rights away. Why are you people fighting so hard to take Prop 19 away? In my consideration, it is YOU people who are working hard against freedom.”

Facebook Group: Dispensaries, if you don’t support legalization I wont support you

Also for those people involved in making a living off medical marijuana, and think that Prop 19 effects Prop 215, that is incorrect.
It is like saying “because some businesses pay taxes, that means all businesses pay taxes”. When it’s clear those defined as 501c Not-for-profit do not pay taxes. Its the same principle. So after Prop 19 passes, those who have a Prop 215 doc recommend will be subject to laws under Prop 215, everyone ELSE is defined under Proposition 19.

Its pretty simple.

Also if you think that marijuana is currently un-taxable, you are wrong except with non-profits. Non-profit status makes a 501c registered business exempt from taxes. Its true, different laws effect different circumstance.
If you are Prop 215, then you can still possess 3lbs as well as have 99 plants.
Prop 19 does a lot of things, but one thing that it doesn’t is change non-profit status in California!

Please see this video about Proposition 19

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