Public Outcry about Yolanda Madden


Nothing less than public outcry of this OBVIOUS, horrible amount of abuse of the law is the least this issue deserves! 

The government has pushed this intense drug war so hard that cops are SO HUNGRY TO GET ARRESTS, that they are willing to violate the law themselves.

Barry Cooper of Kop Buster’s in combination with Roland Madden (Yolanda’s dad) has done an excellent job in providing Yolanda’s defense!

Here’s the skinny..  They have drug tests, polygraph tests and a testimony of the eye witness (the so-called informant).   That are all in Yolanda’s favor.
If I was on the jury, I would be leaning toward her innocence right now.

All the cops have is a bag of speed.  But when the informant testifies to planting the drugs at court while taking oath…  That bag of speed doesn’t mean much.

When I was a teen, I got arrested a few times for marijuana.  This was some 14 years ago now I guess.    The cops always exaggerated my charges because I would question them on the so-called “evidence” that they delivered to me on my tickets that I received after being loaded up and sent to jail.  So I would ask questions in court about the charges sometimes.  And the courts would always give me a harder penalty and the cops would be indignant to my civil rights or to even treat me like a human.  And often it would be the same cops in the same town that were picking me up for one reason or another.

And all they would have to do is see me driving around, and would make up some probable cause about me going 2 or 3 miles over the speed limit.  Which granted, in my old truck, I really couldn’t tell..

I saw on “” that tickets are $500 for possession in Utah.  Uh.  Not quiet.  Fines were enormous when I was getting arrested in Utah.

When I got arrested, I would get a fine for possession of paraphernalia and another fine for posession of marijuana,  and a fine for possession of marijuana in a drug free zone.  I can honestly say I never got a fine in Utah for less than $2000.

I didn’t really have understanding parents when it came to my marijuana use.  And it was often my mom who called the cops on me for one thing or another.  So that didn’t help either.  Which I guess explains why I got arrested so many times.  I mean 3 marijuana arrests were a lot.  2 of them before I was 18, praise Jesus.

The drug war ruins millions of people’s lives every year, and it isn’t making crime go down.  The US is at the top of the list for the percentage of marijuana users in the world.  Even more than Holland (where pot has been legal for 25 years).   Holland has 6% of their population using marijuana, and the US has 12 % of their population using marijuana.

So why are the government agencies so intent on ruining people’s lives if it’s NOT HELPING??

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