Publicly traded cannabis company CBIS

I have been a supporter of the free market, of capitalism, and of letting people be free to decide their future. I think capitalism is useful to drive good things in society, and that has been one of my main talking points on capitalism vs. socialism.

I was recently informed about a company that is based in cannabis science (medical marijuana) by Mimi Meiwes on a facebook conversation who recently put for a cannabis initiative in 1208 for further decriminalization of cannabis in Washington I-1208 aka The Washington State Safe Cannabis Act.

I was pleased to read up on this tip. This company is doing really great things.

This company has shown up in the news a lot as of late and until now it eluded my radar.  So I wanted to bring this information to other people whom it has eluded as well.

This was from a few months ago:   Dr. Robert Melamede, CEO, Cannabis Science, Presents at World AIDS Institute Legislative Briefing

“Cannabis Science Inc., (CBIS) on Friday, July 20th Robert Melamede PhD, CEO of Cannabis Science presented at the Treatment Horizons Briefing at the Rayburn Legislative Office Building in Washington D.C, sponsored by Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) and Rep Bobby Rush (D-IL) for an audience of congressional staffers on the utility of CS-TATI-1, a unique antiviral approach to reduce the expression of viral diversity undermining the efficacy of HART through out global treatment programs. “


This financial report/interview is from the first of the year:

It is still my point of view that the market drives progress!

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