Radio News from Sensi Life 1/16/11

We have had a lot of new events on Sensi Life radio.  I had a great time talking to Justin Prince from Tacoma Hemp Company on 1/12/11, we spoke about his arrest from July 2010 when the police set up a fake patient, with fake paperwork and a fake doctor and arrest Justin because they (the police) broke the law.   We spoke about how it’s a paradox when if anyone else but the police were to make fake MMJ papers, they would be guilty of a felony.

Yesterday we spoke to an awesome ganja souljah Christopher Campbell.   We spoke about the movement as a whole, as well as some of the religious and medical aspects of cannabis.  It was great getting to know the prospective of someone relatively new to the movement.

Next week we have legendary scholar Chris Bennett on 1/18/11 @ 2pm.   Chris is well educated, well written and well known for being an all around cannabis scholar.  Chris is also a publisher of many books on cannabis and religion aspects of cannabis.   It will be a great treat for myself and our audience to learn more about Chris.  I have referenced Chis and his work for years!

More news about Senate Bill 5073 and House Bill 1100 in Washington that redefines the medical marijuana law in Washington state as currently defined in 69.51a.

The latest versions can be found  here and here.

NORML posted about this on their blog as well.  Russ Bellville, Paul Armentano and I all discussed this a little at the stash blog.

I made a video recording to respond to Russ because I don’t think I was communicating to him very clearly, as it seemed when he responded several times he asserted that he understood my point of view and defined it in our conversation but I think he got it wrong several times.  I figured I could speak it to him better than type it to him.

We have also recently opened up 6 ad spots on our radio and blog network.

Thanks to Jared Allaway for his donation!   We also have Jared scheduled for an upcoming interview.
See our Radio calendar for details:

Christopher John Campbell  1/15/11  @4pm

Chris Bennett  1/18/11   @ 2pm

Craig X Ruben 1/19/11  @2pm

John Novak 1/29/2011 @ 4pm

Jared Allaway 2/5/2011 @ 4pm

Past shows this month

Ray Christl 1/8/11 4pm

Don Skakie 1/11/11 2pm

Justin Prince 1/12/2011 @ 2pm

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