Radio updates and other stuff

xCannabis Radio is changing formats and times a little bit.   Since we are new to this, we are in the “Beta” stages at best, more like Alpha.

But we are making progress and we are finding that BlogTalkRadio is very suited for our broadcasting needs for now.
We will certainly expand a bit later, but not until we are more established with format, guests, and other essentials.

So these are the two weekly shows in their new times and formats;

1.  Roots Rocking Reggae hour with Rev Ryan   >   Saturdays (every week) 4pm PST

2.  Sensi Life News updates with Rev Ryan  >   Wednesdays  (every week)  2pm PST

We are working with other pod-casters/radio hosts to expand our network a bit.  We are hoping for a more frequent line up with cannabis related topics.

This is the xMas show with special guests  (my lovely wife, and my grandma)

Also if you are in Washington don’t miss the Sensible Washington New Years celebrations.  There is one in Spokane at Medical Herb Providers, and for more details on the other events check;

Lets end cannabis prohibition!

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