Raids in Spokane


I am on the road, and I haven’t gotten a lot of details.  But I have confirmed that many dispensaries have been raided in Spokane today.

I have heard something between 4 and 30 dispensaries were targeted.  If any one has more details please post details.

There are meetings taking place to help educate and rally the community.  

I hope that the dispensaries whether they have been affected or not will rally behind a class action lawsuit over this invasion in the MMJ community that violated the rights of many sick and suffering residents.

Washington code RCW 69.51a specifically states that the intent and purpose of the laws that the people passed in regards to MMJ that patients, physicians and providers are not violating state law.  
If anyone is not yet using a method of documenting one patient at any one time, please see the advice at;

More info @

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