Rand Paul Capitalism Vs Socialism Rev Ryan comments

Rand Paul Capitalism Vs Socialism Rev Ryan comments

Facts for me is that Capitalism works much better than socialism. The inflation of what Obama has spent and intends to spend (Obama has already spent more than George W. Bush did in 8 years).

For me this isn’t about dems vs. republicans. Because I like Mike Gravel (Former senator of Alaska) you probably know of him, and I supported Ralph Nader for 8 years.

But the point of this is, its about their policies for me, not their party, and Obama’s policies has enslaved this country just as much and more than George W. Did. I think they are both in the same category though, the “no trust” category.

Rand Paul explains this topic really well.
Capitalism vs. Socialism:

– Capitalism vs Socialism, Rand Paul vs Mikhail Gorbachev –

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