RE: Charges filed against naturopaths for marijuana authorizations at Hempfest

“The state medical marijuana law protects medical professionals from criminal or disciplinary charges if they follow a set of rules, including completing an exam and documenting other ways used to treat “the terminal or debilitating medical condition” other than marijuana.”

Charges filed against naturopaths for marijuana authorizations at Hempfest


This is also something important to learn about SB 5073, and how the doctor/patient relationship changed after this passed.
Everyone thinks that the worst thing about SB 5073 is the veto from the governor, but that is not the case. The biggest issue is how the law changed in relationship to the doctor patient relationship.

This from a post I made on the subject in February 2012.


“Patient and doctor relationships became more complicated as there are now restrictions and penalties for doctors for recommending cannabis, where as doctors were completely excluded from legal penalties;
ref: The effects of Section 301 (SB 5073)

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The ACLU makes way too many hasty compromises.  The WA branch of the ACLU has lost my trust, especially with I-502.  I mean it took them over 75 years to even attempt to join the fight.  They have yet to even support a real legalization initiative in WA despite that many have gained hundreds of thousands of signatures.  But they support stuff like SB 5073 and I-502?
What took them so long to get active in this civil rights issue, and why when they get involved they propose regressive changes?

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