RE: Marijuana Arrests Set New Record — Again

According to the latest Crime in the United States report which I noticed linked at and the drug war is still not winning any ground. Instead of decreased useage, or decreased arrests the not-so-shocking news that there is more punishment of harmless US citisens, mommies and daddies taken away from their children, young teenagers lives are ruined when getting arrested for it like I did when I was a kid.
It took me 10 years to be able to properly work again. 

Slow yourself down for a minute, and then throw it in reverse about 25 years. Then compare the ignorance to marijuana then collectively as a people to the inane drugs laws and programs in Utah now.

It’s clearly no question as to why Utah is so strung out on prescription medication that IS dangerous, and can kill people as it did my 16 year old brother Justin. It is my understanding that Utah refuses to talk about drug use and drug abuse openly and honestly.

I remember in school about 15 years ago, hearing DARE programs that would come to school and I remember all of the evil and exaggerated things that the DARE officer would say about marijuana, but he mentioned nothing about marijuana’s history or benefits. This was a state funded education program and they COMPLETELY failed to educate myself and my peers on marijuana, which is known as the U.S.’s richest cash crop and a plant that 83 Americans attest to smoking in 2006. Or what about it’s 4000 year history in being beneficial to mankind? Or that Hebrews, even Moses used it in their anointing oils?

The Living Torah

It is clear that the first draft of the constitution of the US, and the first draft of the Declaration of Independence were written on none other than HEMP.
However, I think I did learn about that in high school from a paid teacher believe it or not. I believe it was my english teacher Mrs. Beransen (hope I spelled that correctly).

That is a glimpse into the reality of our education system.

They teach so much about cotton. What about HEMP? Hemp has played as much of a role in American and world history that cotton has!

So instead of winning this idiotic drug war. We don’t even try. In a consistent trait, the numbers of marijuana users has not went down, instead it climbs, even higher by far than arrestable violent crimes.

Check out these numbers.

From MPP

The latest Crime in the United States report from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program is out, and the news is disturbing. Marijuana arrests set another all-time record in 2007, totaling 872,720 — that’s a marijuana arrest every 36 seconds.

Arrests for marijuana possession totaled 775,138, greatly exceeding arrests for all violent crimes combined, which totaled 597,447.”

That is a sick cycle that needs to be broken!

There is no reason that marijuana should be prohibited. If anything, it should be legalized so that it can be properly regulated, and the people can then be properly educated! Instead of keeping everyone in the dark. Show them the light. It works for many European countries, and it’s close to working in Canada.

When de-criminalized, marijuana usage does not increase after a 20 year study was done in Holland.

“During the depenalization era, the Dutch stopped punishing low level marijuana transactions without any detectable increase in use, much like the experience in states that decriminalized marijuana possession during the 1970s,” MacCoun said. “So depenalizing drugs and allowing legal commercial sales should be considered two very different interventions.”

The increase seems to occur only when it is allowed to be commercially sold, according to the same study.

Take into consideration that study was done in 1997.

This one from 2001 says the same thing 4 years later.

Highlights of the study include:

• The mean age at onset of use was 16.95 years in Amsterdam and 16.43 years in San Francisco.

• The mean age at which respondents began using marijuana more than once per month was 19.11 years in Amsterdam and 18.81 years in San Francisco.

• In both cities, users began their periods of maximum use about two years after they began regular use: 21.46 years in Amsterdam and 21.98 years in San Francisco.

• About 75 percent in both cities had used cannabis less than once per week or not at all in the year before the interview.

• Majorities of experienced users in both cities never used marijuana daily or in large amounts even during their periods of peak use, and use declined after those peak periods.

So instead of legalizing cannabis, properly regulating cannabis (like alcohol and tabacco), properly educating kids about it with truth and knowledge. We keep it prohibited and as a result over 800,000 people last year got taken away from their families, possibly suffered a heavy fine and possibly lost a job or more over the whole ordeal. We don’t properly educated our kids, and we undermine their intelligence by scaring them rather than educating them. We lose out on ALL kinds of education programs with it being prohibited. We lose out on BILLIONS of tax dollars. And we spend BILLIONS every year on enforcement and punishment.
For what? Are we winning the drug war yet?

The U.S. uses no less cannabis than in the Holland where it has been decriminalized and publicly sold in coffee shops since 1976!!!

How is it that they have such a better solution, and not have so many people in prison?! And even after all of that functionality they even get to TAX it too!!!

So wait. Few if any people in prison for a victimless crime? More tax dollars saved. More tax dollars earned?

That sounds like Holland has it figured out!

What do you think?!

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