Recovering from a snoball fight

Yesterday, I posted an article about getting snoballed.  Today I am recovering from this snoball fight and Im moving on.

But I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience in providing excellent service to marijuana dispensaries, and just the way that I like to do business in general.

So this client wrote us in November and wanted to test our software.  We directed them to the full-featured free demo of our free software at:

They tried it and liked it.   We also told them about, which is a very good software as well (but doesn’t have off-site data).   They wanted the software at the link that I provided.

After a week, they were ready to sign up.  So they signed the paper work and our contract.   On December 7th, they asked if we would include a way for the software to inlcude documents and photos to be uploaded to a patient’s profile for medical records etc. 
I told them that I would get right on it, and I paid my developer Joel more money to alter the software.   Within 2 days, Joel had the modification made, and the client liked what they saw.

Finally on December 14th 2009 they sent their payment to secure their order for the custom Point of Sales unit that they bought from us.  Mind you, this is 9 days after they signed the contract with us.   So a week before Christmas we get their order in, all except for the scanner which was lost in the mail (serves to reason, since it is Christmas holiday and all).  But we proceed to configure their hardware and software for the new point of sales system.  On December 22nd I bought a plane ticket for January 11th to install their hardware, and help them with other technical issues that they were having with their surveillance system (on the house).

They agree to the date of January 11th for delivery, and even though they wanted the items sooner, they understood that not all of the items had came in and it wasn’t our fault.  Had they made their payment on December 5th when they signed the contracts, this shipping delay wouldn’t have been an issue.

This is the unit:

So I thought everything was going to proceed as planned, and they asked me when I was going to set up their server.  I did that on December 23rd 2009, and I installed their software and bought a Security Certificate for 128 bit SSL encryption which they verified with the SSL company finally on January fourth.  The server and the SSL certificate are non-refundable items.  Once I bought them, I was stuck with them, just like the traveling reservations that I had made for this install.

Later on January fourth, the customer complained about not liking the software any more, and wanted a refund.  He said he found other software to go with.  I told him, that I would refund him whatever he was entitled to, as per our signed contract. 
He told me he wanted all of his money back, or he was going to sue me. 
I explained that the hardware that he ordered will work with any software, and that if he wanted to return it, it would be a charged of a 10% restocking fee.   And that the server contract was a 12 month, non-negotiable commitment.   He said he refused to pay it, and he refused the 10% restocking fee.

So now to give him his money back.  I am stuck with non-refundable travel reservations to Colorado, a server that was leased for him, and he has an SSL certificate which was sent to him, and can only be used for his domain.   I am left holding his hardware that I custom ordered and custom configured for him.   This loss now is worth over $2500 to me and my family right after Christmas and with our new business which is only a month old, and has not seen anything but expense.

Despite that he only paid us $1719, and his contracts are legal and non-negotiable 12 month contracts worth $1400.  I instantly give him $660 in refunds.   When he was only due $319 in refunds minus the service contracts.

But then, as a last insult. He attempts to do a charge back on me, to get money that he is not legally entitled to.

So at that point, if he gets all of his money back I am left with this $2500 loss.

But, despite not being legally obligated to pay the full refund.  I made an arrangement to get this guy 100% of his money back.

Meanwhile I am left holding travel arrangements to Colorado, plus his server and the expense on his SSL certificate.

All because he didn’t like our free software, that he demoed for weeks before he signed up?!

Sometimes no matter how kind and generous you are, people still seek to take advantage of you to the fullest extent.

This guy will probably get all of his money back.  And I will walk away knowing that I did everything in my power to make this right.

Medical marijuana money makers

Will this guy be sorry that my kids will go without this year for many things because he did not fully test the software before signing up with us?  Probably not.

And how much do you think he will be charging people for their medicine that grows naturally from the ground?   $10 per gram, $15 per gram, $20 per gram?    What if someone buys an ounce from him, takes it home, smokes half of it and returns it to him?   Will he refund them 100% of what they paid, or will he only give them half?

I hope that this guy treats his patients the same way that I treated him.  I hope that if his patients aren’t satisfied with their medicine that he will give them back 100% of their money, even if they smoked half of it before returning it!
Because that will be the same way he expected me to treat him.  He burned up thousands of my dollars, and then wanted a full refund, despite that I went above and beyond to help him out.  Since I am giving him his refund, he better damn well follow the golden rule and do the same thing for his patients!  He got way more than he deserved!

I feel like moving to Colorado and becoming his patient, so that I can hold him to the same expectations that he held me to in this transaction!

Will this dispensary do for their customers what I did for him?

  • Free products with no obligation to buy anything?   (our software is FREE for anyone to use, and there is no purchase necessary)
  • 24/7 Service to their patients?
  • Full refunds, despite that the product was used, and the cost is great and the contract didn’t allow for it?
  • Onsite delivery free of charge

Only time will tell.

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