Reflecting on why I got arrested in Springville Utah

I have been protesting, and excecising my first amendment rights since I was a teenager.  When I was 18/19 I helped gather signature for I-692 in Washington, and I help fight the Lincoln street bridge project in Spokane when I was 20.  I have protested Energy Solutions in Utah because they are dumping hot nuclear waste in Utah’s west desert, a travesty of what a lot of money can do in the wrong hands!   So I am not new to this type of endeavor. 
A lot of the protests that I have participated in have been caught on camera, either by myself or others.  I have always been polite, professional, and I have always notified the local authorities before I protest (just as a curtiousy).

This protest was no different.  I had 4 people film me during that protest in Springvillle on Saturday.  I was polite and professional, and I let Springville police and Springville City know that I would be protesting, I even asked about my megaphone and they said I needed a permit for it.  So I didn’t bring it.

But when I got there, I got some support and some resistance, just like always.  Except this time something was different.  I got arrested for excercising my free speech.

I usually don’t get a warm welcome from police on this kind of an issue.  But I have never been arrested for it.

I love Springville Utah.  I come here to restore freedom for people that I love.  I went to school in Springville.  I opened my first brick and mortar store in Springville, and I also opened up my second brick and mortar store in Springville.  I helped the Chamber of Commerce with their website and I hosted it for free for Springville for a year.  
There is not much that I don’t love about this place, except for the lack of freedom!

But now I have been violated in such an extreme way.  Getting handcuffed, insulted, and abused by Springville police for merely carrying a sign.   Especially when I heard over the radio while I was being detained that there was an assult and other more serious crimes going on at the same time that the SPD had 5 officers dealing with me.  What a complete WASTE!

Well, I have came up with this conclusion in the past.  I believe that the cops want marijuana illegal because they get mucho benefits from seizing assets of folks.  This isn’t much different than any other police department.

Watch this video to learn the secret of why cops would rather arrest marijuana consumers, and ignore alcohol and violence, etc..
There is no money in alcohol arrests, or violence, etc..  But there is PLENTY of money for police departments from marijuana cases!

Seehow I handle police and protesting from other videos that I have made during protests?
Mind you, I have no criminal record past the age of 19, and I have nothing but victimless (drug) crimes on my record.
I am not the menace that the SPD make me out to be.

I call this video “Educating Mr. Police Officer”

For other protest videos that I have made, please see

Sufficed to say, I am retaining council right now.

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