Religious freedom vs. Cannabis freedom ?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about this man.  Reverend Roger Christie is in jail for a victimless crime, a crime that he is innocent of in my opinion.

So this is my commentary on the debates that have taken place about this, as a result of articles on NORML and Cannabis Culture.

This is my response to Russ on November 17th

Well you know my thoughts. The more freedom the better. You can’t go wrong with religious freedom, because that rings a bell for everyone, even non-cannabis consumers.
And Freedom of Religion is very important to this country and the foundation for many of the freedoms that we enjoy, that other countries do not enjoy.

We are losing our religious freedoms, we are gaining back our cannabis freedoms. I think both freedoms are very important to this generation, the next generation and beyond.

In all honesty if I had to make a choice between standing up for cannabis freedom, or religious freedom. Well, I would stand up for religious freedom as cannabis freedom would be included in that ANYWAY.

As for Christie getting donations from people for a sanctuary kit. NORML gets like $100 for a hemp backpack. I mean who is to say what the actual value of the item is, usually a donation implies “gift”.

I gift causes like NORML not because of the stuff I get (although that is cool too), but because I love NORML and I want to see them succeed.

I got my medical card in WA, that the Doc charged me $200 for. Despite the fact that I was required to go to a different doctor for a diagnosis previous to coming in to the pot doctor.

And low and behold that card still doesn’t defend everyone from arrest, even folks with a legit medical condition, a legit doctors recommend, and a legit amount of medicine like as little as an ounce.
I know personally of folks in Washington state that had all of the conditions met without excess who have spent time in jail in recent years for minor possession, even if only a few hours, they still ended up having to hire a lawyer, etc.

I don’t believe that Roger Christie is misleading anyone, and he has openly admitted for years that the sanctuary kit does not work for every one.
“Its at minute 6:39 he admits to losing two cases.

I saw that video in 2008 and Im sure it’s older than that.
So I don’t see him as duping anyone.

And as far Roger asking for donations. The obvious shortcut would be to just use the materials that he offers freely on his website and get it all for free.
I went to the Universal Life Church online and got ordained, like Roger did. I have minister credentials and ordination credentials, and I printed off a few of the cases that he provides details about for my own use without paying Roger anything, other than mentions on my website and links on my side bar to his site.

I am not a big donate to me kinda guy, but sometimes people have to work collectively to make the most difference. Similar to NORML. So I don’t hold him in negative regard for asking for donations, and giving something in return for it. NORML does that too.

The ultimate and most effective fix is ending prohibition. We all can agree on that.

I made this video a few days ago and it made me think of this discussion tonight.

Much love!

Free Roger Christie!

In regards to a recent conversation at the NORML Live.
Russ Belville and Allen St. Pierre have wrote some recent articles that hit home for me, because they address the religious usage of marijuana.
These articles convern Roger Christie, and they address cannabis churches. So this is my video response to these claims and accusations.


BTW-  This is an inspiring story!  (James Flamingeagle Mooney wins religious freedom in Utah)

Religious freedom cannabis church


Here is another great video about Roger Christie made by another minister


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