I hear a lot about how people should represent the cause well and I agree.

First of all we have a lot of issues in our community, and legalization won’t solve all of them.

However it is commonly understood that legalization of cannabis will help several areas of our community.

1.  We will end a lot of organized crime
2.  We will put a lot of people back to work
3.  We will release a lot of folks from prison
4.  Somewhere in the mix we will start collecting tax revenue

The liquor board and other entities have estimated that we will gain from cannabis some various figures from taxes over the years, but have come out in favor of legalization also.  My personal opinion is that the numbers are higher than the conservative estimates of the liquor board.

But here is what I think about representing.   There are a lot of people out there that look at cannabis supporters as:

1.  Lazy
2.  Criminal
3.  Careless
4.  Brain Dead
5.  Socially un-acceptable

I DON’T think that legalization of cannabis is going to reform the people who are deeply involved in organized crime, I don’t think cannabis legalization will give lazy people more motivation, and I don’t think cannabis legalization is going to make dumb people smart.

It’s up to us to change the image of cannabis consumers, not the laws.   If we go out collecting signatures without good hygiene, or with talk of crime or un-acceptable behavior I think it will only further solidify the negative prospective that people have on cannabis consumers, and legalization supporters.

I have asked people to brush their teeth, wear nice cloths, and take a bath.  I have asked people to not talk about crime, or un-acceptable behavior.  Do not swear and cuss in front of the public.

This is about many people who are oppressed, imprisoned, and harmed from dumb laws.  Representing the cause in a negative way doesn’t help those people nor does it help the cause.

Dressing nice, speaking kindly, and asking sincerely seems to be the magic in my experience.

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