Response to Russ Belville about gun control laws

Response to Russ Belville about gun control laws.

Russ Belville’s article calls for a discussion on this topic. I am here to oblige.
I think that proposing that any MORE gun control laws are necessary or good for our society is illogical. We have saw this with other things that Russ Belville has supported.
Things that the ACLU in particular have been involved with, including the incredibly backwards and non-helpful SB 5073, and Russ gave the ACLU absolute credit without even questioning the possible negative side effects. I documented all of his broadcasts on that topic (SB 5073) on Now it is with the I-502, where NORML as well as Russ Belville is asking that you sacrifice your rights, in order to get one measly ounce legalized with no hope of anything beyond that. Which rights? Driving rights. And I know you will say “driving isn’t a right”. No but our 4th Amendment is, and these required blood tests and the un-scientific 5ng limits are totally regressive.

Now in a fence sitting kind of way, Russ proposes both sides of the argument as he sees it, but really offers no solution of his own, nor does he assert much of his own opinion in this. Though he does sort of play devils advocate on both sides of the issue. His main issue was that these bumper sticker topics aren’t helping.
He kind of brushes aside the topic of guns in Switzerland, and says that its not American enough for us.

Why do good ideas HAVE to be American Russ?  That is my question to Russ.

I made a new bumper sticker for Russ, I posted it on his facebook wall. Watch the video to see this new bumper sticker and a few other ideas for bumper stickers that I am proposing. Im getting a shit load of them produced!

Im not saying that Russ is advocating for disarming Americans.  But it seems, he is calling for more and more background checks, and restrictions.   I think there are already too many restrictions on guns!  I don’t disagree with everything Russ said.  I am just confident that Ron Paul explains this topic better, and the comparison of the Swiss is PERFECT.

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