Returning petitions

When you collect a full sheet of signatures, or even if its not completely full but you want to turn in what you have collected, our recommendation is one of two things.

1.  Return them yourself via postal mail, the address is on the petitions
2.  Return them to the coordinator that you get the petitions from.

These petitions need to be accounted for, so if you got petitions from a particular coordinator, please return them to that coordinator and not someone else.

We have regular meetings, that you may find updates for in the local NickleNik (Spokane) paper, or on our website.  You may also find a calendar at: if you sign up as a volunteer.
We recently set up a Washington Cannabis hotline at:   888-694-8737 ext. 706.   You can learn where we will be holding a meeting and you can return the petitions at those meetings.   This is our up to date public calendar:



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