Returning to Richard Flor’s death while in federal custody – highlighting Obama’s MMJ policies

I have been posting a lot on Obama’s broken promises regarding medical marijuana, and marijuana in general.
In a post from a few days ago, I noted how President Obama has racked up more than 8000% (yes, eight THOUSAND percent) more [legal] medical marijuana provider indictments than George W. Bush did in his entire 8 years, and Obama has only been in office for 5 years,    Ref:  Obama has 8000% more MMJ indictments than Bush  and  Ref: Passive Aggressive Activism

Returning to Richard Flor, and I admit that I have not given this enough attention.  I posted about this when I wrote about Chris Williams, but I haven’t said much about this since;

This type of criminality in government is insane.  The federal government over-riding the state law, to justify over 75 years of an unconstitutional war on it’s own people.   Beyond the morality of what the federal government did to Richard Flor, the constitutionality of prohibition is important.   With alcohol prohibition a constitutional amendment was required to ban alcohol, and a constitutional amendment was required to repeal it.   But with cannabis prohibition, there is nothing in the constitution regarding the federal authority over what a person consumes, or grows, or medicates with.   The only thing the constitution regulates is commerce via the Article VI of the constitution.  But even that needs to be re-evaluated, because if the Controlled Substances Act is unconstitutional and I think it is, then Article VI would not apply to drugs or natural herbs that grow out of the ground as God intended.

From an article by John Seiler on September 11th 2012;

““Richard Flor’s death came weeks after a federal judge denied an attorney’s request to release the 68-year-old Miles City resident while he appealed his five-year sentence,” reported the Associated Press. “U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell wrote in his Aug. 7 order that it was ‘unfortunate’ that Flor’s transfer to a Bureau of Prisons medical facility was delayed, but ‘it is not factually or legally significant.’”

I am surprised that Montanan’s and Americans in general are not revolting over this.   This is a terrible injustice!

I saw Kristin Flor’s pictures from Hempfest this year, and I am heart broken by what she must be going through after losing her father to the most horrible circumstances imposed by our government, and also knowing that she has to wait for most of her immediate family to get out of prison on charges concerning VICTIMLESS CRIMES.
This is her speaking hat Hempfest 2013;, Kitty Greatbank’s Miller tells a tragic story about Eddy Lepp, this information about Eddy Lepp and how the Feds overrode a state law and a state decision in court to persecute Eddy Lepp is terrible.   Eddy is not dead yet, but he is dieing.



It is very important to listen to that video above, and I am very ashamed that I have not given Richard Flor’s memory and case more attention.


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