Reverend “PT FARMER” POW in Pensylvannia

My good buddy “PT Farmer” aka Vincent Alvarez via the internet who is a reverend in cannabis ministry, is serving a year in prison for cannabis among other stupidity caused by his neighbor.

I know him from in the video chat.  He is a soldier for ganja freedom!

If you want to send him mail and wish him well over the next year, Im sure he will appreciate it.

You can’t send money directly to the prison, but I have his mom’s mailing address and I will be sending money her way when we have a little extra.

TV’s and radios can be bought from the prison but at inflated prices.  So a small 13 inch TV cost something like $250.  The pay in prison if you are lucky enough to get a job is pennies on the dollar in comparison to free man wages.

I suggest checking out  if you want to learn more about PT Farmer.  You should write PT in Prison if you want to send his mom money for his commissary.  I don’t feel comfortable giving out that address.  But here is how you contact him.

Inmate Number First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Race Date Of Birth Current Location Committing County

Look up the information here:

Here is the inmate email system:

This is how to contact the facility where PT is being kept.

SCI Camp Hill
P.O. Box 8837 (staff)
P.O. Box 200 (inmates)
Camp Hill, PA 17001-8837
(717) 737-4531

Please contact the governor and members of congress in Pennsylvania: <congress <governor

Demand that they pardon Vincent Alvarez!

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