Reverend Ryan – What does Rasta mean (to me)

I have a unique personal story of how I came to love Rasta and the Ethiopian culture. I have listened to reggae music for many years, but in 2000 I had my membership terminated with the LDS church and requested for my name to be removed from the Mormon records.
During this turning point in my life I became interested in the principles of my former faith, which mostly hung on the priesthood claim that the Mormons restored the priesthood of Aaron therefore getting special authority from God that other churches do not have.

The interest that I found in the Lemba tribe was when I was watching Living Hope Ministry videos about Mormonism and they mentioned the Lemba tribe was verified in fact to be from the High Priesthood lineage that Mormonism claims to have restored and that Mormonism claims was wiped off the earth.

What I find incredibly ironic is how Mormonism denied negro folks from becoming a part of their “Temple Membership” ultimately the highest blessing of Mormonism is to go to the temple, and blacks were not allowed to enter their temple for 150 years. Now it is found that negros from the Lemba tribe are still officiating the alter of priest, and have been for over 2000 years in Africa after fleeing Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

I am impressed with the heart and consciousness of rasta, and of reggae music, and I am a fan of many reggae bands. I feel many of these bands are prophetic. It is known that prophecy means “To reveal the mysteries of God”. I feel the Lemba have done just that in this generation, as well as folks like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and many many others.

Thanks for watching!

~Reverend Ryan Thompson 9/30/2010

This is a video that I made tonight. I wanted to share with my friends and family what Rast means to me. This is a part of my faith.
Thanks for giving me 10 minutes of your time.. Or not.
Love you!

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