Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclamation

Rather than writing a long blog about this topic, I have made a video (long winded 20 minute video), and I have put a list of links and talking points below.

Since I post so rarely and infrequently, I make it up by making rare long winded posts about these subjects that I at one time use to post about frequently.

I hope you can spend the time with me.   Thanks if you do!

This video describes my own personal emancipation proclamation, and a history of my lifelong activism.  I hope to inspire and educate with my work.  But most of all, I continue to strive to make our world a place with less force, and a more voluntary community, where we enjoy being self-governed, and where we do a good job at it as a species.

Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclamation

This is a brief overview of my activist history;

1. Resisting the LDS religion, and social structure of Utah based on a cultish religion

2. Resisting my father’s hypocritical and often drunken ways

3. Resisting the pills that my parents were force-feeding me in my childhood

4. Resisting the police state after being thoroughly harassed by police for skateboarding and other non-crimes as a kid

5. Resisting the issue at Ruby Ridge Idaho, when the Weaver family was slaughtered by government

6. Resisting the drug war, especially on marijuana that made no sense

7. Resisting the BS tax system, and statism
Hasn’t won me a lot of friends, but I have piece of mind knowing that I have fought for what I believe in as hard as I can.
Links from the video;

I made this video about my brother’s untimely death

My first activist website circa 1999

More about my spiritual path

Our cannabis for cancer awareness group;

About my path as a skinhead;

About the law that I got changed in Springville Utah

Libertarian infighting by Julie Borowski

If ever any of the links above do not work, you can always use to find archives of most websites that are on the internet, or that were at one time on the internet.


Reverend Ryan's Emancipation Proclaimation
Reverend Ryan’s Emancipation Proclaimation

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