History: Revisiting the Prop 19 debate

I was someone who was in favor of Proposition 19 with some reservations.  However if I would have been in California at the time of the Prop19 vote, I would have most certainly vote for it.

But I didn’t get a chance to speak directly with a lot of the more influential people in this fight who were working on this in California.   Although I was able to interface with people on facebook who claimed to be friends with Dennis Peron, as such I made some youtube videos and some blog posts about the objections and the opinions that people had over this topic.

I will first post a few of the youtube videos that Dennis Peron released about this.   Then I will post a few from people who are so-called “experts” on this topic like Chris Conrad, and some of the opinions of other people too.
I found most of these on YouTube, so you can search Youtube for these videos and others like it.

Dennis Peron Video 1

Dennis Peron Video 2

Chris Conrad

The Young Turks on Prop 19 (after it failed)

This is a video that I made about it (one of two)

Second one (I made this in 2010)

My main message is, if we don’t do something to legalize it, Big Pharma will soon take away our crops.
Also Prop215 has not slowed down the arrests for marijuana in California.
In 1990 there were 20,000 arrests for misdemeanor possession of cannabis. In 2008 there were over 60,000 arrests for misdemeanor possession of marijuana in California.
It’s nonsense to think that Prop215 is helping any more. It was a good step forward. However we need to take the NEXT step!

Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Committee

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