Rick Simpson’s raid for the cure!

In RCMP style, the department decides to go on a political witch hunt for those that are trying to bring forth God’s greatest green gift.

Rick Simpson has been a soldier of medicinal marijuana, and has claimed to have cured people’s cancer with a regular regiment of edible cannabis.

For information about Rick’s mission to cure cancer, you can see his film  “Run from the cure”.


For the latest RMCP attack on Simpson’s home please see this:


Installing surveillance is not difficult to do, and I recommend that everyone who is at risk of being a political target, do set up security and surveillance.   For surveillance, I recommend doing offsite recording.  Meaning if the RCMP, DEA, or local narcotics thugs break down the door to your home, dispensary or even your vehicle, that you have a safe and secure backup of the video.

If you want advice on this, Emerald POS has 12 years of experience installing surveillance.

Please get the word out about Rick Simpson.  The police won’t accept responsibility for illegally entering his home, and taking his possessions including his cameras!

www.phoenixtears.ca (Rick Simpson’s site

(Also see our cause Cannabis for Cancer)

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