Roger Christie will likely spend his 3rd Christmas locked up

This is just a way to scare people away from the THC Ministry, from God, from Cannabis, and from supporting Roger.
The “danger to the community” statement is illogical. And they say that “even though he is innocent until proven guilty we must ASSume that the allegations are true”… So they are saying, despite that he SHOULD be considered “innocent until proven guilty”, basicly “we (the feds) do not believe he is innocent” therefor he gets to continue to serve this stupid sentence that he was not even convicted on.

Latest news and interviews about Roger Christie:

Roger Christie will likely spend his third Christmas in a row in a federal prison in Honolulu on felony drug charges.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Leslie Kobayashi denied Christie’s request to be released on bail to his home in Hilo or to a halfway house in Kalihi.”

Roger Christie Appeals Denial of Bail in Federal Court August 7, 2012

Roger Christie Denied Bail, Again | Big Island News Center

First time offender, has no violence on his record, 63 years old and his worst crime is a victimless cannabis crime.   I think this is a mighty shame on our justice system.

His wife has been helping with media Share Christie @ Facebook

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