Roger Christie’s response to Radical Russ

To give a little context, Radical Russ (Belville) has written several arguments regarding Roger Christie.  Not just his recent case, but about Roger Christie in general.   I won’t speak for Russ, but here are some links to this articles.

  • On Religious Use of Cannabis

  • By “Radical” Russ Belville on November 16, 2010

    Stash for Mon, Jul 19, 2010

  • By “Radical” Russ Belville on July 19, 2010

    Roger Christie’s THC Ministry raided by the DEA

  • By “Radical” Russ Belville on March 11, 2010

    Yet another member of the Church of Lighter Wallets about to lose a religious use marijuana case

    By “Radical” Russ Belville on March 9, 2010

  • This was sent to me by Chris Bennett, who is also a cannabis minister and a friend of Roger Christie.

    Roger’s response
    Hi Chris,

    Aloha. Thanks for forwarding this piece from Rad Russ.

    1.) Why I live and breathe and work and fight for sacramental Cannabis is because it’s MY TRUTH. My truth leads me to my actions in this big and important part of my life. I knew the risk of being public with my sacramental use. I remain steadfast in my personal and professional spiritual/religious convictions.

    2.) a. I’m not a “self-styled Minister”, I was trained and lived as a Practitioner in Religious Science for six years. Then I joined the Religion of Jesus Church in Hawai’i, a church that has multiple stipulations from Hawaii State courts as being “bona fide” where its members were “sincere in their use of marijuana as a sacrament”. Hawaii v. Shields, and Hawaii v. Adler, etc.

    b. After being a member of the Religion of Jesus Church for seven years I was ordained as a Minister to further the mission and the teachings. I created the THC Ministry as a non-demoninational organization according to my evolving personal spirituality.

    c. My ordainment was legal enough for the State of Hawaii to license me for life specifically as a “Cannabis sacrament” Minister to perform the marriage ceremony. It’s the first such designation in the USA that I’m aware of, and that state recognition effectively legitimized my ordainment and my mission.

    d. As a Minister I perform legal weddings, conduct baptisms, funerals, and offer counseling and communion fellowship with members. Try performing a funeral for three hundred people in a large family ohana in Hawai’i and then tell me you’re not a real Minister.

    3. a. I sought recognition (Declaratory Relief and Permanent Injunction) in the US Federal Courts in 2004 when I told them in writing that I operated a therapeutic Cannabis Ministry requiring large amounts of Cannabis in order to make the holy anointing oil and tinctures, etc. I didn’t ask their permission, as the Creator gave me the right to do this. I asked that they respect my Ministry rights according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and the law. They let me operate for over four happy years after that constructive notice with zero investigation on their part.

    b. I feel I’m in a better position now because I’m not asking for anything from the prohibitionist US government except a fair trial with a jury of my peers to decide if I’m guilty or innocent of the charges against me beyond a reasonable doubt. Could I win? Of course I could! What would that look like? Immunity from prosecution to operate the THC Ministry.

    I’m putting my faith and my life in the hands of the jury system of the USA to nullify the charges against me. See for details.

    4.) I only know of one other person in jail in the THC Ministry. This member of ours lost his case because the Judge refused to hear his religious defense. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth was NOT allowed to be heard in that court.

    All the best to everyone!

    Roger Christie, Founder

    THC Ministry

    This is a recent article by Allen St. Pierre of NORML;

    I do not endorse or agree with any of the negative articles about Roger Christie!
    We love you Roger!  We are praying for you!

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