Ron Paul is winning, slowly and steadily

While the delegate process in the caucuses is confusing, Ron Paul’s campaign is aware of the proceedure and Ron Paul is winning delegates regardless of what the media is reporting.

For example:

They were serious about it. Paul’s people believe that they understand the delegate process, and that the media does not. There is truth here: The delegate process is confusing, and I assume that Paul supporters have used their four years of organizing and studying in a fruitful manner. In an e-mail to supporters, they try to get granular about what’s occurring.

We are confident in gaining a much larger share of delegates than even our impressive showing yesterday indicates. As an example of our campaign’s delegate strength, take a look at what has occurred in Colorado:

– In one precinct in Larimer County, the straw poll vote was 23 for Santorum, 13 for Paul, 5 for Romney, 2 for Gingrich.  There were 13 delegate slots, and Ron Paul got ALL 13.

– In a precinct in Delta County the vote was 22 for Santorum, 12 for Romney, 8 for Paul, 7 for Gingrich. There were 5 delegate slots, and ALL 5 went to Ron Paul.

– In a Pueblo County precinct, the vote was 16 for Santorum, 11 for Romney, 3 for Gingrich and 2 for Paul. There were 2 delegate slots filled, and both were filled by Ron Paul supporters.

– We are also seeing the same trends in Minnesota, Nevada, and Iowa, and in Missouri as well.


We also see that according to national polls, Ron Paul is in 2nd place to Romney, and gaining momentum.
While Romney loses a point, Ron Paul gains 5 points as of 2/7/2012.


What will Ron Paul supports do if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination?



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