Roots, Rockin Reggae show w Pastor Ray Christl

On today’s show we plan on doing a little more talking than playing reggae hits. 
We have a special guest that may call in, Pastor Ray Christl who can talk in depth about the rasta experience in Jamaica and who has great experiences in the law reform movement.  Ray is a good friend of Reverend Roger Christie who is held without bail for operating his church THC Ministry in Hawaii.

Ray is working on a diverse effort to bring attention to the injustices that Roger Christie and the green 14 are facing as a result of partaking in what is considered sacred and essential, cannabis.

I am also planning on talking about the new “Shield Act” that is being proposed in congress.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) heralded the SHIELD Act (HR 6506) as a means to make it illegal to publish the names of American intelligence sources who provide information to the US military or intelligence community. The goal of the bill specifically is to criminalize future disclosures by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange or others.

“Julian Assange and his associates who operate and support Wikileaks have not only damaged US national security with their releases of classified documents, but also placed at risk countless lives, including those of our nation’s intelligence sources around the world,” King said in a statement. “Wikileaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States, and Julian Assange, an enemy of the United States, should be prosecuted under the Espionage Act.  This legislation will give the Attorney General additional tools to do just that.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation said in a Thursday blog post that the government “can’t take official action to silence WikiLeaks’ ongoing publications – that would be unconstitutional prior restraint, or censorship of speech before it can be communicated to the public.”

“No government actor can nix WikiLeaks’ right to publish content any more than the government could stop the New York Times and Washington Post from publishing the Pentagon Papers, which were also stolen secret government documents,” wrote EFF’s Rainey Reitman and Marcia Hofmann.

PCMag article here

Aside from the politics and the tyranny in our government, I would also like to encourage everyone to send commissary money to prisoners that they know during the holiday season.  Its very easy to send money to inmates in both county jails and prisons, most of these facilities always deposits to be made online.

Roots, Rock and Reggae show 4pm-6pm Saturday
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