RT America employees arrested for dancing – This is why MORE media is necessary

During a silent and peaceful protest of law passed to outlaw dancing this group was forcibly arrested and brutalized and they didn’t hurt or cause anyone any harm in any way.   FOR DANCING!

This is why non-mainstream media sources are necessary.   The media that interviewed these protesters only minutes before the protest, failed to report on this issue and essentially suppressed this very important story about FREE SPEECH!

I am sick of people who think the media at xCannabis is frivolous or un-necessary.   People need to worry about the state of our communications and news media in this country that is so severly restricted that something important and historical such as this protest is completely IGNORED!

People who would like to see the media presented at this website go-away really need to stop their complaining, and either do BETTER or find another source.   However less media helps no one.  Less free speech helps no one.   Apathy is just as much of a crime as the crime perpetrated on this peaceful protesters and the free speech of all Americans.

YouTube – RTAmerica’s Channel?

RT (TV network) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RT TV | Facebook

We will do more reporting on how mainstream media tries to cover up top stories!

For example of other media censorship, and more reason why we need MORE media sources and why social networking is so important..  See this story about a Fox News coverup after Fox news sells out to Monsanto

Monsanto & Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES Reporters.

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