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Dear Mayor McGinn,


I am a former long time resident of Seattle, and of Bellevue.  I have fond memories of Seattle and Seattle Hempfest.  I can not think of Seattle without also associating it with my favorite event Seattle HempFest.


I currently work for a medical equipment company in Seattle, and I return frequently to your fine city.

I think of Seattle as my home too.  But family and business draws me back to Spokane for the moment.


As an Washington entrepreneur ( who rents booth space at Seattle Hempfest.  Who has paid taxes to your city and to Bellevue over the last 13 years.   I URGE you for the financial benefit to local businesses and as a tax benefit to your city, to grant Seattle Hempfest a permit this year.



Ryan Thompson

888-694-8737  ext 707



Write to the mayor concerning this issue:

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