Senate Bill 5615

Reclassifying possession of forty grams or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a class 2 civil infraction.


SB 5476, SB 5413, SB 5615, SB 5516


  1. Short clip:
  2. Full Hearing :
  3. Washington State Legislature Page:

Thank you Adam for posting this video and giving us feedback on the drug war front lines!

Adam is our top, and as of late only other poster on the forums.  We really need your help in getting this information injected into the search engines!  The more quality, informational, cannabis website’s the better.

We encourage all of you freedom fighters to get a blog at for FREE!!!    You can ask questions in the forums about WordPress, I’ve already started a topic on WordPress.

I humbly suggest everyone link to the main foundations for marijuana law reform.

For example.

For more see our link section to the right  >>

Lets get this and keep this in the main stream!  Let’s educate people what our mission is all about.

I for one won’t hold back any longer.   They are too broke to build more prisons and the people won’t stand for this drug war any longer!

Thank you again Adam!  Much respect!  Now I HAVE to go to one of these hearings, that’s really cool!  Thanks for introducing me and possibly others to this venue.  It’s awesome to see people exercising their rights! It feels even better when I exercise my own!

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