Sensi Life Liberty Radio – Goes Pro and gets a broadcasting license

Sensi Life Liberty Radio – Goes Pro and gets a broadcasting license.

We have been off the air for about a year now only to come back in the last week.

It has been a great concern for me to be able to get the artists that we play paid for their work.

We have been blessed to play so many great artists who deserve their credit.

A small sample of the artists that we play are:

Mr. Symarip

Buju Banton

Minor Threat

Bob Marley

Fantan Mojah

Lutan Fyah


Marlon Asher

Timothy Leary

Peter Tosh

The Grateful Dead

and soo many more!

We are using to play these great artist with a full broadcasting license.

We are covered under licenses with SoundExchange, BMI, SESAC and ASCAP

You can try us out at:

You can also listen to our talk radio archives at:  XCannabis Ryan  (


About Sensi Life Liberty Radio

Sensi Life Radio

There is a long history behind the creation of Sensi Life Radio. For years a small team of activist have protested all over the western United States and were not very successful at getting the attention of most main stream media with exception to a few mentions in a news paper and a few brief television news reports.

After years of protesting against religious and political intolerance in Utah for about 10 years, several radio networks formed to cover certain aspects of the activism of this small group. These have all so far been internet radio shows and the following has been small to moderate. Some of the past projects have been:,, and, and

In recent years the activism started concerning cannabis legalization more and more and now after 11 years of strong activism this small team has one law change under their belt, and dozens of rallies and protests that they have organized and this team is now forming a daily radio network with a diverse group of shows. We are opening our airwaves up to free speech.

So far our schedule is:

Wednesday 2pm PST – Sensi Life Radio with Reverend Ryan

Saturday 4pm PST – Roots Rockin Reggae

Shows go for between 1 and 2 hours depending on what guests and what programming we have available.

Look for more shows to come!

This station plays Public Radio, Reggae, Punk, Reggae Roots, Rock Steady and Ska

If you would like to help contribute to the radio show for advertising and licensing dues, please send bitcoin to:


What is Bitcoin?

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If you are interested in advertising with us please write

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